New Movies on Netflix (2023)

Netflix has been adding so many new movies to its menu of offerings that it can be tough to keep up with all of their latest films. The following list includes 20 of the biggest movies the streaming service has released in the last few months.

Some we recommend more than others, but we’ve listed them all in order of release date, starting with the newest movies on Netflix. We’ll update this as Netflix continues to add new original films to the streaming service.

1. Luckiest Girl Alive

New Movies on Netflix (1) Netflix Release Date: October 7, 2022
Director: Mike Barker
Stars: Mila Kunis, Finn Wittrock, Scoot McNairy, Chiara Aurelia, Justine Lupe, Thomas Barbusca, Alex Barone, Carson MacCormac, Isaac Kragten, Gage Munroe, Jennifer Beals, Connie Britton
Genre: Thriller
Rating: R

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Is Luckiest Girl Alive a dark satire? Is it a glorified Lifetime movie? Is it camp? Is it a mystery? Is its central message one of female empowerment? Could it have been the pilot for a WB series 20 years ago? The answer, I’m afraid, is all of the above. Based on the 2015 novel of the same name by Jessica Knoll, Luckiest Girl Alive follows Ani Fanelli (Mila Kunis), a writer at a glossy magazine called The Women’s Bible. She has a glamorous boss LoLo Vincent (Jennifer Beals) and dreams of being an editor for The New York Times Magazine. She’s also got a giant rock on her finger thanks to her swanky fiancé Luke Harrison (Finn Wittrock) who “played D1 lacrosse at Colgate, kite surfs on Nantucket and skis in Vail.” But nothing in Ani’s life is as it seems. She once was TifAni FaNelli (Chiara Aurelia plays the young Ani), a shy high-school student just trying to fit in among her rich classmates. You probably don’t need me to tell you that Ani is harboring a dark past. In 1999, when she was a high schooler, she experienced multiple horrific traumas. (I won’t talk about them here since I don’t want to give the entire plot of the movie away.) Her way of coping was to rebuild her life and bury her well-deserved rage. But 16 years later, a documentary filmmaker is making a movie about what happened all those years ago. Knoll adapted her own novel here, and the majority of the movie features Kunis’ bitter narration. We are supposed to think Ani’s harsh comments belie her inner pain—a defense mechanism. But mostly they just make her seem like an archvillain, a caricature more than a character. It’s a tough performance choice that often undermines any kind of nuance the movie is trying to achieve. —Amy Amatangelo

2. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone

New Movies on Netflix (2) Netflix Release Date: September 30, 2022
Director: John Lee Hancock
Stars: Donald Sutherland, Jaeden Martell, Joe Tippett, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Cyrus Arnold, Colin O’Brien, Thomas Francis Murphy, Peggy J. Scott
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13

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Written and directed by John Lee Hancock, a genre-agnostic filmmaker who helped get Sandra Bullock her embarrassing Oscar for The Blind Side before turning to other forgettable dramas, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone has several red flags on speed dial. There’s the near-constant voiceover, the first and perhaps most damning sign of a weak-willed adaptor. Craig (Jaeden Martell) just won’t shut up about his time reading novels to local billionaire Harrigan (Donald Sutherland), the deadly fallout that ensued and what that all meant to him, an impressionable youth with a new iPhone. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone doesn’t just dumb down story Stephen King’s story and hold our hand, as nearly every movie made from a book does, but excises King’s talents like a new manager jealously firing the old guard. It might’ve taken a little imagination to make it so Mr. Harrigan’s Phone didn’t involve us listening to an audiobook of Stephen King CliffNotes, or us watching Craig painstakingly recite the novella to a grave, but Hancock demonstrates an impressive lack throughout. His movie is artless and inert—the cinematic equivalent of a bricked iPhone. In King’s story, Craig laments that those at Harrigan’s funeral never knew his human side. His love of country music, his distaste for the blowhard Rush Limbaugh, his dedication to bowel-cleansing oatmeal cookies. Mr. Harrigan’s Phone sins in similar ways: It knows the surface of its source, but none of what matters. —Jacob Oller

3. Blonde

New Movies on Netflix (3) Netflix Release Date: September 28, 2022
Director: Andrew Dominik
Stars: Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, Bobby Cannavale, Julianne Nicholson, Xavier Samuel, Evan Williams
Rating: NC-17

There are pieces of Marilyn Monroe everywhere: In tributes, parodies and homage; in bits of her movies, sliced into iconic clips rendering them instantly recognizable even to those who haven’t actually watched them; in mournful recollections of stars snuffed out too soon. “It’s like a jigsaw puzzle, but you’re not the one to put it together,” says the version of Marilyn played by Ana de Armas in Blonde. Not every puzzle piece or image in the Monroe kaleidoscope makes it into Andrew Dominik’s film, which is neither traditional rise-and-fall biopic nor playful I’m Not There-style biographical deconstruction. But this adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ novel (not biography) is fragmented and visually rich enough to convey what Dominik and Oates seem to be after: How the collective ownership an audience feels over its beloved icons has unseemly origins, and often destructive endings. We see glimpses of Monroe as a thoughtful, well-read young woman; a passionate actress; an optimistic survivor—and for all these reasons and more, people dismiss her, or attempt to take possession of her. After a harrowing childhood sequence ending with the institutionalization of her mother (Julianne Nicholson), Blonde jumps to the early 1950s, with de Armas playing the former Norma Jeane Baker, now a model and up-and-coming actress—which means being treated, in her words, as “meat.” De Armas’ eyes have a pleading desire, and the edge of her accent peeks through her imitation of Monroe’s voice—perfectly appropriate, even lovely, for a figure who has inspired so many broad impressions. This version of Marilyn regards her stage name as a creation separate from her genuine self, and is on a perpetual search for the love that will fill the dual void left by her abusive mother and father she’s never known. Increasingly, she finds that the adulation felt by millions for Marilyn Monroe doesn’t necessarily count for Norma Jeane. Blonde can be a tough sit, for the 166-minute monotony of its images of abuse and misery almost as much as the misery itself. At the same time, its explosion of visual ideas never quite wears out its welcome. Dominik has created his own dark-flipside version of the Norma Jeane/Marilyn bifurcation, perhaps almost too neatly: The movie is both a daring and empathetic deconstruction of Monroe iconography anchored by a beautiful performance from de Armas, as well as a miserabilist wallow in exploitation. Like its fictionalized subject, the lines between the two are sad, blurry and spellbinding.—Jesse Hassenger

4. Athena

New Movies on Netflix (4) Release Date: September 23, 2022
Director: Romain Gavras
Stars: Dali Benssalah, Sami Slimane, Anthony Bajon, Ouassini Embarek, Alexis Manenti
Rating: R
Runtime: 97 minutes

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It’s been more than a decade since Romain Gavras filled his raw music video for “No Church in the Wild” with Molotovs, stolen police horses and dropkicked riot shields—visual motifs of protest heroics—and the only thing that’s changed is our familiarity with the aftermath. The rage behind these images still burns, but we know the cold comfort left behind when the embers are finally stomped out. Yet, the only thing to do is light the blaze again, which Gavras does in the riveting, vital Athena. A war epic between the people and the state, it sprints through a grassroots resistance movement like a brushfire: Blinding, dangerous, all-consuming. The warzone is Athena, a French housing project, where tragedy has assembled a community, grown from a family. Idir, 13 and the youngest of four brothers—Karim (Sami Slimane), Abdel (Dali Benssalah) and Moktar (Ouassini Embarek)—has been beaten to death by police. Someone recorded it on their phone. But we find this out in sprinkled bits of exposition, blown to confetti and wafting through the smoke-filled air. Our immediate attention is on Karim, leading a tracksuited pack of neighbors and like-minded young people, raiding a police station. The opening scene, the first of many incredible feats of planning, camerawork and drone operation, will make you vibrate through your seat. Gavras shoots long tracking shots like caffeine straight into your eyes: Painfully energizing. Athena’s opening is one of the year’s best, a piece of relentless, fist-pumping, jaw-clenching, goosebumping action that doesn’t stop until you’re fully radicalized. It’s then that you start peering through the style, seeing how it mirrors the personalities of its perspective characters. There’s a reason Athena feels like a heart attack in motion. There’s pain and panic. Your heart rate isn’t spiking just from the rush. But until we realize that, Karim and his crew star in a sweeping, large-scale epic—a modern 1917 where the horrifying euphoria of war has come home. Athena isn’t here for subtlety. It’s here to blow the drums out of your ears, the lids off your eyes, the lead from your shoes. With shots that start at “un-fucking-believable” and rocket towards “im-fucking-possible,” its grandiose vision aims to define an international symbol of modernity: Protest As War. Benssalah and Slimane, more political gradients than people, guide us along the mythmaking until we’ve fully grasped the absurdity of Athena being both the God of wisdom and war. But, as Frank Ocean sings in “No Church in the Wild,” what’s a God to a nonbeliever? Athena burns bright and fast, searing its unforgettable battle cry into the screen over just 99 minutes. Its idealistic action will stay with you for far longer.—Jacob Oller

5. Lou

New Movies on Netflix (5) Netflix Release Date: September 23, 2022
Director: Anna Foerster
Starring: Allison Janney, Jurnee Smollett, Logan Marshall-Green, Ridley Bateman, Matt Craven
Genre: Action Thriller
Rating: R

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Allison Janney gets her Liam Neeson on in this Netflix original thriller about a little girl who’s taken. The Oscar-winning actress stars as the titular Lou, a woman with a complicated past living alone in the woods when her tenant Hannah, played by Jurnee Smollett, reports that her daughter Vee has been kidnapped by the girl’s criminal father.

6. A Jazzman’s Blues

New Movies on Netflix (6) Netflix Release Date: September 23, 2022
Director: Tyler Perry
Starring: Joshua Boone, Amirah Vann, Solea Pfeiffer, Austin Scott, Ryan Eggold, Milauna Jemai Jackson
Genre: Drama
Rating: R

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Tyler Perry wrote, produced and directed this historical drama about murder and forbidden love in the Deep South. Perry wrote the screenplay 27 years ago and has finally been able to bring the story of a jazzman and his juke-joint roots to the small screen as part of his broader deal with Netflix.

7. Do Revenge

New Movies on Netflix (7) Netflix Release Date: September 9, 2022
Director: Jennifer Kaytin Robinson
Starring: Camila Mendes, Maya Hawke, Rish Shah, Sophie Turner, Austin Abrams
Genre: Teen Comedy
Rating: TV-MA

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Do Revenge stars Camila Mendes as it-girl Drea, outcast from her peers after a private video is leaked to the entire school by her faux-feminist ex-boyfriend. Enter Maya Hawke’s Eleanor, a newcomer at their prestigious private school, who was made a social pariah by a girl who claimed she tried to hold her down and kiss her, turning her into a walking predatory lesbian stereotype. The two hatch a plan to take down those that hurt them and, as the title might suggest, do each other’s revenge. This film, most importantly, is a pastel-painted, glittery good time. The dialogue and comedy are anything but dry (unlike Hawke’s unfortunate wig) and harken back to classic ’90s films like Clueless, but with a Gen Z edge. Following in the footsteps of Bodies Bodies Bodies or Crush, Do Revenge lampoons Gen Z’s unique Internet-age experience, while still remaining sincere enough to not feel like a complete parody. With stunning fashion, a lizard hilariously named “Oscar Winner Olivia Coleman” and a swoon-worthy cameo from one of the pillars of the ’90s teen scene, Do Revenge’s most absurd elements are the funniest, and its sardonic humor lends itself to its twisted irony—all underscored by its killer soundtrack. This film has been billed as Hitchcockian, and it delivers on the implied twists and turns, even if some are a tad predictable. Revenge might be a dish best served cold, but Do Revenge revels in the fiery heat of teenage girlhood, ultimately delivering an angry, messy and cathartic good time. —Anna Govert


8. End of the Road

New Movies on Netflix (8) Netflix Release Date: September 9, 2022
Director: Millicent Shelton
Stars: Queen Latifah, Ludacris, Beau Bridges, Mychala Faith Lee, Shaun Dixon, Frances Lee McCain
Genre: Thriller
Rating: R

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Queen Latifah stars as Brenda, a woman who witnesses a gruesome murder at a motel during a road trip and tries to protect her family from the consequences, in this brand new Netflix thriller. Directed by Millicent Shelton (30 Rock, Insecure), the cast also includes Ludacris as Brenda’s brother Reggie and Beau Bridges as the detective investigating the murder.

9. Love in the Villa

New Movies on Netflix (9) Netflix Release Date: September 1, 2022
Director: Mark Steven Johnson
Stars: Kat Graham, Tom Hopper, Laura Hopper, Raymond Ablack
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: TV-14

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Two single, attractive strangers get double-booked in a villa in Verona, but they don’t end up together in this Netflix romantic comedy starring actor/singer Kat Graham and The Umbrella Academy’s Tom Hopper. Just kidding. We haven’t watched this one, but they totally end up together, don’t they.

10. I Came By

New Movies on Netflix (10) Netflix Release Date: August 31, 2022
Director: Babak Anvari
Stars: George McKay, Kelly Macdonald, Hugh Bonneville, Percelle Ascott, Varada Sethu
Genre: Thriller
Rating: TV-MA

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This British thriller follows a graffiti artist, whose habit of tagging homes of the wealthy and powerful puts him in danger when he stumbles across a secret.

11. Me Time

New Movies on Netflix (11) Netflix Release Date: August 26, 2022
Director: John Hamburg
Stars: Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg, Regina Hall, Luis Gerardo Méndez, Jimmy O. Yang, Amentii Sledge
Genre: Comedy
Rating: R

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Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg star in this buddy comedy about a stay-at-home dad who joins his best friend on a weekend away while his family is out of town. The A-list cast, which also includes Regina Hall and Jimmy O. Yang, didn’t sway critics or fans, as the film currently sits at 8% positive on Rotten Tomatoes with a paltry 30% audience score.

12. Carter

Netflix Release Date: August 5, 2022
Director: Jung Byung-gil
Stars: Joo Won, Lee Sung-jae, Jeong So-ri, Kim Bo-min
Genre: Action
Rating: TV-MA
Paste Review Score: 8.3

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Carter is the proverbial nonstop action thrill ride that every blockbuster claims to be. When Scorsese compared Marvel favorably to theme-park attractions, this is the experience he should have been talking about. Directed by Jung Byung-gil, this action movie stars Joo Won as Carter, a mysterious amnesiac that, depending on who you believe, works for either the CIA or the DPRK military. The main technical gimmicks are the utilization of drones for an artificially endless one-shot and a running clock like High Noon. My first thought when I saw the trailer was of Hardcore Henry, a first-person sci-fi action film also about an amnesiac. Carter is a bit more grounded, despite a zombie-adjacent infection arising out of Korea’s demilitarized zone, spurring the plot as he must rescue and transport a research scientist’s daughter whose blood contains a natural resistance to the infection. Carter is one of the most fun movies of 2022. It’s also easily the most violent and visceral, on par at least with The Northman, but at a higher rate of corpses-per-minute. Carter hacks through a bathhouse mob of Yakuza with their own bladed weapons. Carter creates comedic beats solely through the occasional absurdity and suddenness of its frequently brutal violence. The revelation of deep covers and double-crosses could almost be out of a Bourne film with less exposition; Netflix should push this harder than The Gray Man. Carter may not unify the peninsula, but if you want to be entertained, I’ve sure got the film for you. —Kevin Fox, Jr.

13. Purple Hearts

Netflix Release Date: July 29, 2022
Director: Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum
Starring: Sofia Carson, Nicholas Galitzine, Chosen Jacobs
Genre: Romance, Drama
Rating: TV-14

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This Netflix original romantic drama could only happen in America. A marriage of convenience is the only path forward for struggling musician Cassie (Sofia Carson) when she finds out she’s got diabetes and no health care. She doesn’t like military men, but (Nicholas Galitzine) is in the marines, and that means he comes with healthcare. He also comes with a large debt to a drug dealer. Their meet-not-so-cute gets further complicated when he’s wounded in Iraq and their planned one-year-apart marriage becomes something more intimate as they must fool Luke’s family as well as the government.

14. The Gray Man

Netflix Release Date: July 22, 2022
Directors: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Starring: Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas, Jessica Henwick, Wagner Moura, Dhanush, Billy Bob Thornton, Alfre Woodard, Regé-Jean Page
Genre: Action, Thriller
Rating: PG-13
Paste Review Score: 5.8

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Longtime Marvel directors Anthony and Joe Russo have a track record more established by marketing than technical achievement, and the muddy mediocrity associated with CG-filled frames carries over to The Gray Man. None of the new film’s still-Bourne thrills are executed with the precise elegance of John Wick, the winking doggery of James Bond or the joyful craftsmanship of Mission: Impossible. Rather, its chaotic Grand Theft Auto filmmaking skates by with the sloppy sufficiency of its own protagonist. Loosely based on the Mark Greaney novel (and similarly hoping to kick off a franchise), The Gray Man proves that the Russo brothers don’t need superpowers to turn massive budgets into mush. CIA operative Sierra Six (Ryan Gosling) goes rogue after learning Too Much. His ex-bosses sic murderous nutcase military contractor Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) on him. There’s an important USB drive that could bring down the baddies if leaked to the press (a brightly naïve notion in 2022), an assortment of background characters and none of the book’s oil-based geopolitics, capitalist critique or moral ambiguity. Six might kill people in The Gray Man as easily and sleepily as you might fix your morning coffee, but he’s a soft-hearted goody two-shoes who’s the Hollywood ideal of a killer you can root for. Yes, the Russos have found themselves the perfect protagonist: An inhumanly numb scab of a man who only speaks snark. Gosling is good at a dry gag, physical or verbal, and is the best part of a film that doesn’t seem to know how lucky it is to have him.The Russos messy filmmaking and messier politics collude to create a factory-issue assassin with a heart, adorned with none of the genre specialties that make his peers stand out. He’s not unwatchable, nor will he be the next big hit. He’s just enough to sustain two hours; just enough to keep the Russos going, their bland blockbusters all the more obvious when stripped of spandex. He’s not much more. Just Gray. —Jacob Oller

15. Persuasion

Netflix Release Date: July 15, 2022
Director: Carrie Cracknell
Stars: Dakota Johnson, Cosmo Jarvis, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Mia McKenna-Bruce, Richard E. Grant, Henry Golding
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Rating: PG

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When the first trailer for Netflix’s new adaptation of Persuasion dropped, many Jane Austen fans were naturally skeptical. Nervous even. Because while the clip boasted a charmingly colorful aesthetic and slick Fleabag-style narration, it was jarringly and distinctly at odds with the original novel’s tone. It pains me to confirm that many of our initial concerns were not only valid—they probably did not go far enough. Because this Persuasion will likely be nigh-on unrecognizable to those who love the original novel, simply because it refuses to wrestle with the book’s most important themes of loss, regret and recovery. Instead, we get a story that feels like Jane Austen cosplay. It’s clear where the impetus for this adaptation came from. With its colorblind casting, modern slang and colorful aesthetics, it’s attempting to do Austen in a more Bridgerton style, but the problem appears to be that in the rush to find another Regency romance to adapt, no one bothered to explore whether the movie they were making was the same story that the book it purports to be based on was telling. A more serious and less confident figure than Emma Woodhouse or Lizzie Bennett, Anne is probably the least aggressively witty of Austen’s heroines, yet Netflix has chosen to reimagine her as a stereotypical adorkable girl, a quirky outsider who smirks and snarks and engages in deliberately performative gestures like constantly turning to the audience to roll her eyes or drop sly observational asides about those around her and society at large. This Anne is many things: Acerbic, impatient and awkward. Honestly, she’s fun, and somebody I think most of us would probably enjoy hanging out with. The problem is that whatever character Dakota Johnson is playing is not Jane Austen’s Anne Elliott. To be fair, if you sat down to watch this movie with no idea of what it was based on or what kind of story it was supposed to be, it’s honestly kind of fun—a glibly snarky Regency comedy bursting with attractive people judging one another and breaking the fourth wall to drop sly asides to the camera. If you have no particular emotional attachment to or preexisting ideas about these characters, Persuasion is a fairly serviceable period romantic comedy about a pair of exes with great chemistry pining for one another amid their cadre of snarky, ridiculous friends. —Lacy Baugher Milas

16. The Sea Beast

Netflix Release Date: July 8, 2022
Director: Chris Williams
Stars: Karl Urban, Zaris-Angel Hator, Jared Harris, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dan Stevens, Kathy Burke
Rating: PG
Paste Review Score: 8.5

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When cartographers allowed their senses of imagination and self-preservation to fill the unexplored regions of their maps, they used to warn of creatures like lions, elephants and walruses. Creatures beyond understanding, with teeth and trunks and tusks easy to caricature into danger. But we mostly remember that when you sail to the faded edge of knowledge, there be dragons. The Sea Beast deftly hones this ancient human fear into a sharpened spear tip, striking at ignorance. Its swashbuckling adventure navigates a sea filled with massive critters sure to whet kids’ appetites for piracy, Godzilla films and exciting animation. The first movie from longtime Disney story staple Chris Williams after leaving the House of Mouse for Netflix, The Sea Beast is, to paraphrase Jared Harris’ Ahab-like Captain Crow, all piss and vinegar. That the film even alludes to the phrase, and drops a few other lightly-salted lines you might expect from some seasoned sea dogs, is indicative of its separation from the sanitized juggernaut. It looks violence in the eye; it isn’t afraid to make its threats real. All rightfully so. Telling a tall tale of hunters—mercenary crews funded by a colonialist crown to take out the kaijus populating the ocean—wouldn’t be right without at least a little edge. Our way into the world, the young Maisie (Zaris-Angel Hator), has experienced its dangerous realities firsthand: Her parents went down with a ship, leaving her as one of dozens of hunter orphans. But that hasn’t stopped her from lionizing her martyred family (something explicitly encouraged by the monarchy) and seeking her own glory. Stowing away on Crow’s ship, the Inevitable, she and the capable Jacob (Karl Urban) find themselves confronting the legendary ambitions they’ve built up in their own heads. Williams and co-writer Nell Benjamin immediately drop us into the Inevitable’s quest to take out Crow’s toothy and horned Red Whale, dubbed the Red Bluster, with total confidence that there’s no time like maritime. As our eyes roll and pitch across the impressively realistic waves and our ears try to follow the meticulously detailed helmsmanship, the hunting scenes ensnare us like the catch of the day. We understand the hierarchy of the diverse crew, the honor code among hunters, the tactics needed to take down imposing creatures that look like Toho turned their greatest hits into Pokémon. It’s savvy and respectful writing, put into legible action by Williams’ skilled hand, that trusts in its setting and subject matter to be inherently cool, and in its audience to greedily follow along. By the time the lances are flying, the cannons are firing and the creatures are dying—or are they?—you’re as deeply hooked as any dad watching Master and Commander. A delightful new-school deconstruction of old-school Romantic adventure that never compromises on the lushness of setting, color and emotion inherent in the latter, The Sea Beast rises to the front of Netflix’s animated offerings like a high tide.—Jacob Oller

17. Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between

Netflix Release Date: July 6, 2022
Director: Michael Lewen
Stars: Talia Ryder, Jordan Fisher, Ayo Edebiri, Nico Hiraga, Jennifer Robertson, Patrick Sabongui
Rating: TV-14
Paste Review Score: 6.6

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Sparks instantly fly when Clare (Talia Ryder) and Aidan (Jordan Fisher) meet at a rowdy high-school party. They share somber secrets, recreate childhood bliss on a playground swing set and even have a magical first kiss. There’s one problem, though. They are about to head to college, and Clare wants to have a true hot girl freshman fall. So they do what any normal couple would do: Form a breakup pact for the day before they depart for college. What could possibly go wrong? The bulk of Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between, Michael Lewen’s directorial debut based on Jennifer E. Smith’s young adult novel of the same name, takes place on the night of Clare and Aidan’s final date. Over the course of the evening, Aidan plots for them to relive all of their special moments: Their meet-cute, the time Clare catapulted off the back of a boat, the prom that they missed—the list goes on. Clare is confident that the break will be more-or-less clean; she loves Aidan, but her parents were high-school sweethearts and, as she reminds us around 30 times over the course of the film, their relationship didn’t work out. Aidan, on the other hand, secretly believes that his carefully crafted night-long trip down memory lane will convince Clare to do long distance. Again, what could possibly go wrong The next 70 minutes or so compose an over-produced, over-lit film with big, immaculate setpieces and even bigger melodramatic fights. Sadly, the screenplay, written by Ben York Jones and Amy Reed, is similarly overdone. While Hello, Goodbye, and Everything in Between boasts a solid premise (Who doesn’t want to see two charismatic teens embark on a breakup date?) there is no way in hell anyone could sit down and not predict how the thing is going to play out. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention just how sweet Hello, Goodbye really is. Ryder and Fisher have true chemistry, and it’s hard not to root for their relationship. And while the script is so cheesy that the lactose intolerant should stay far away, it does include some poignant messages—such as, for the right person, you don’t have to lose yourself. Ironically, the film could’ve taken that message and tried a little less hard to be like every other rom-com in existence. —Aurora Amidon

18. The Man From Toronto

New Movies on Netflix (12) Netflix Release Date: June 24, 2022
Director: Patrick Hughes
Stars: Kevin Hart, Woody Harrelson, Ellen Barkin, Jasmine Mathews, Kaley Cuoco, Jencarlos Canela
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG-13
Paste Review Score: 5.5

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Director Patrick Hughes (The Hitman’s Bodyguard) returns for another action-oriented comedy with The Man from Toronto, similarly featuring an unlikely (if endearing) central duo that’s tasked with defeating a nefarious criminal force. While the Netflix Original film manages to sneak in a few genuinely funny moments, it’s not nearly as action-packed, suspenseful or humorous as it aims to be. For a film that’s largely about a fearsome globe-trotting assassin, it lacks guts. It flinches from the violence that defines its title character, then fails to make up for this underwhelming lack of tension with compelling action sequences or pyrotechnic flair. It’s also guilty of leaning on tired tropes, particularly when it comes to reductive depictions of women. In an attempt to orchestrate an elaborate birthday getaway for his wife Lori (Jasmine Mathews), struggling fitness entrepreneur Teddy (Kevin Hart) drops her off at a day spa in Onacock, Virginia while he gets a nearby cabin rental ready for their weekend stay. However, the confirmation email he physically printed out (in 2022…) is smudged. As it turns out, the goon who answered the door mistook Teddy’s identity. In reality, he was expecting The Man from Toronto (Woody Harrelson), an assassin notorious for his brutal torture methods that always get political captives to spill their confidential intel. As a breezy, popcorn-compatible streaming selection, The Man from Toronto delivers a tried-and-true buddy comedy formula that is far from revelatory, but reduces the unlikely duo trope to its most likable qualities—a feat that’s only pulled off due to the competence of its leads. —Natalia Keogan

19. Blasted

New Movies on Netflix (13) Netflix Release Date: June 28, 2022
Director: Martin Sofiedal
Stars: Axel Boyum, Fredrik Skogsrud, Mathias Luppichini, Eirik Hallert, André Sorum, Evelyn Rasmussen Osazuwa, Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Ingar Helge Gimle, Cecilie Svendsen
Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy
Rating: TV-MA

From Norwegian director Martin Sofiedal and writer Emanuel Nordrum, Netflix’s Blasted is the first feature film to tackle a decades-old Norwegian curiosity. In the remote valley of Hessdalen, reports of glowing orbs floating in the sky have been documented since the early ’80s. Several scientific theories have circulated since, none of which are taken very seriously by the film. As these hypotheses involve heady terminology concerning ionization, radon decay and piezoelectricity, the film’s substitution of scientific study for slapstick comedy is far from an egregious narrative choice. Where Blasted does falter, however, is in its overlong runtime, burdened by a subplot involving a Fargo-esque pregnant police officer that detracts from the already flimsy central friendship dynamic. However, what’s most perplexing about the film is the general lack of evidence concerning its own existence. Silently dumped onto Netflix and non-existent as an entry on Letterboxd, Blasted is a perfectly fine sci-fi comedy destined to fade into obscurity. —Natalia Keogan

20. Spiderhead

New Movies on Netflix (14) Netflix Release Date: June 17, 2022
Director: Joseph Kosinski
Starring: Miles Teller, Chris Hemsworth, Jurnee Smollett, Mark Paguio, Tess Haubrich
Rating: R
Runtime: 107 minutes

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Paste’s Steven Petite called George Saunders “a master of creating worlds that are close enough to mirroring our own to be deemed realistic while not familiar enough to entirely resemble the world we live in” and “perhaps the greatest living English language short story writer, whose bizarre brand of humor is both dark and refreshing.” Netflix’s Spiderhead, adapted from Saunders’s 2010 short story “Escape from Spiderhead,” is darker than it is funny (or fun), but it is refreshing to watch Chris Hemsworth drop his superhero persona to play a mad genius running an unorthodox prison where the inmates have volunteered as lab rats in exchange for good meals and personal space. Directed by Tron: Legacy’s Joseph Kosinski, the film imagines a future where changing someone’s mood and perception is as easy as an iPhone app and oversight of our private prisons is—well, even less than it is today. Miles Teller and Jurnee Smollett star as inmates who begin to question whether life back in gen pop was actually better. —Josh Jackson


What is the top 10 movies on Netflix now? ›

Today's Top 10 Netflix Movies
  • The Good Nurse. For fans of: Great casts, tense medical dramas, true crime. ...
  • The School for Good and Evil. For fans of: The hero/villain binary, Charlize Theron. ...
  • Blade of the 47 Ronin. For fans of: Samurai fantasy movies, John Wick. ...
  • The Chalk Line. ...
  • Sing 2. ...
  • Despicable Me 2. ...
  • Hellhole. ...
  • Despicable Me.
2 days ago

What is Netflix 98% match? ›

Instead of the star rating next to each title, Netflix users will see a personalized percentage “match score.” That's a prediction “of what Netflix thinks you may enjoy watching, based on your own unique tastes,” Cameron Johnson, the company's director of product innovation, wrote in a blog post.

What is the most viewed movie on Netflix right now? ›

Most Popular on Netflix: A Look at Today's Top 10
  • Love Is Blind 3. Year: 2022. ...
  • Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Year: 2022. ...
  • 28 Days Haunted. Year: 2022. ...
  • The School of Good and Evil. Year: 2022. ...
  • The Stranger. Year: 2022. ...
  • The Curse of Bridge Hollow. Year: 2022. ...
  • Luckiest Girl Alive. Year: 2022. ...
  • Sing 2. Year: 2021.
6 days ago

What is coming out on Netflix 2022? ›

New on Netflix: November 2022
  • (Action) The Takeover, 2022.
  • (Action) Attack on Finland, 2021.
  • (Animation) The Bad Guys, 2022.
  • (Drama) The Bodyguard, 1992.
  • (Family) Dolphin Tale, 2011.
  • (Adventure) The Legend of Zorro, 2005.
  • (Comedy) The Little Rascals, 1994.
  • (Comedy) The Little Rascals Save the Day, 2014.
2 days ago

What is the number one movie 2022? ›

Top Gun: Maverick

What does the %match mean on Netflix? ›

The percentage next to a title shows how close we think the match is for your specific profile. The ratings you provide also help us recommend popular TV shows and movies on Netflix. On Android phones and tablets, TVs, and web browsers, TV shows and movies with the most positive ratings will have a Most Liked label.

What is meant by Rated A? ›

The Big 'A' - Stands for 'Adults Only', which obviously prohibits anybody under the age of 18 to watch the film in theatres. The Big 'S' - Stands for 'Restricted to special classes', which means only a certain members of the society, such as doctors, scientists, etc, are permitted to watch the film.

Why did Netflix remove 5 star ratings? ›

He also adds that a 5-star system can be too overwhelming of a question for users saying “When you require a member to parse between three, four, or five stars, you force them to think too much. They become confounded and move on to the next activity without rating a movie. Clicking thumbs up or down is much easier.”

What is the most watched series on Netflix 2022? ›

As of October 2022, the most popular English-language Netflix TV show of all time was the fourth season of American science-fiction series "Stranger Things," based on number of hours viewed in the show's first 28 days on the platform. It counted over 1.3 billion hours viewed.

What is #1 on Netflix right now? ›

Watched for 69.11 million hours this week. Watched for 32.23 million hours this week. Watched for 24.89 million hours this week.
Most Popular TV (English)
#TV (English)Hours viewed in first 28 days
1Stranger Things 41,352,090,000
2DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story856,200,000
8 more rows

What is hot on Netflix? ›

Popular on NetflixExplore more
  • Manifest.
  • Breaking Bad.
  • The Empress.
  • Good Girls.
  • The Walking Dead.
  • Shooter.
  • Stranger Things.
  • Jane The Virgin.

What is coming to Netflix in October 2022? ›

  • Forever Queens.
  • Chip and Potato, Season 4.
  • Hasan Minhaj: The King's Jester.
  • Bling Empire, Season 3.
  • High Water.
  • Jumping from High Places.
  • Mr. Harrigan's Phone.
  • Nailed It!, Season 7.
30 Sept 2022

What is coming to Netflix in January 2022? ›

  • Jan. Action Pack.
  • Jan. Four to Dinner. Rebelde.
  • Jan. The Club: Part 2. The Wasteland.
  • Jan. Hype House. Johnny Test: Season 2.
  • Jan. Undercover: Season 3.
  • Jan. Dear Mother.
  • Jan. How I Fell in Love With a Gangster.
  • Jan. Brazen. Chosen. The Journalist. Photocopier.
3 Jan 2022

What should I watch on April 2022? ›

You May Also Like
  • “Slow Horses” Stream on Apple TV+ on April 1.
  • “The Hardy Boys” Stream on Hulu on April 6.
  • “Woke” Stream on Hulu on April 8.
  • “Killing It” Stream on Peacock on April 14.
  • “The Kardashians” Stream on Hulu on April 14.
  • “Anatomy of a Scandal” Stream on Netflix on April 15.
  • “Outer Range” ...
  • “Russian Doll”
1 Apr 2022

What are the top 10 movies to see right now? ›

30 Most Popular Movies Right Now
  • #1. Black Adam (2022) 40% 91% #1. ...
  • #2. Halloween Ends (2022) 41% 39% #2. ...
  • #3. The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) 97% 84% #3. ...
  • #4. Ticket to Paradise (2022) 56% 83% #4. ...
  • #5. The Stranger (2022) 94% 63% ...
  • #6. The School for Good and Evil (2022) 38% 68% ...
  • #7. Terrifier 2 (2022) 87% 80% ...
  • #8. Smile (2022) 79% 75%

What is the most viewed movie? ›

Most Watched Movies Of All Time
  • Titanic (1997) ...
  • E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) ...
  • The Wizard of Oz (1939) ...
  • Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) ...
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) ...
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) ...
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) ...
  • The Lion King (1994)

Which movie has sold the most tickets? ›

Gone with the Wind

Is Netflix worth the money? ›

It has a huge selection of movies and TV shows old and new, tons of high-quality original programs, and an easy-to-navigate interface. Even though it no longer offers a free trial, it's worth trying Netflix for a month if you want something new to watch.

What is the best rating series on Netflix? ›

Best Netflix Series of All Time
  • Daredevil (2015–2018) TV-MA | 54 min | Action, Crime, Drama. ...
  • Money Heist (2017–2021) TV-MA | 70 min | Action, Crime, Drama. ...
  • Narcos (2015–2017) TV-MA | 49 min | Biography, Crime, Drama. ...
  • Top Boy (2011– ) ...
  • Stranger Things (2016– ) ...
  • Godless (2017) ...
  • Dark (2017–2020) ...
  • Our Planet (2019)

What are the Netflix age ratings? ›

Little Kids: G, TV-Y, TV-G. Older Kids: PG, TV-Y7, TV-Y7-FV, TV-PG. Teens: PG-13, TV-14. Mature: R, NC-17, TV-MA.

What is B rated movie? ›

A B movie or B film is a low-budget commercial motion picture. In its original usage, during the Golden Age of Hollywood, the term more precisely identified films intended for distribution as the less-publicized bottom half of a double feature (akin to B-sides for recorded music).

Is Ma worse than R? ›

What is this? A TV Show/Program rated TV-MA can include both R-rated and NC-17 rated material. Thus TV-MA can be considered to be a more restricted or worse rating than R.

What does B rated mean? ›

n. A movie produced on a low budget, originally made to accompany the main feature in a double billing. Also called B picture.

What customers say about Netflix? ›

Netflix has a consumer rating of 3.94 stars from 1,581 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Netflix most frequently mention streaming service, watch movies and original series. Netflix ranks 1st among Streaming Movies sites.

Why Netflix got rid of ratings? ›

Netflix said the change was made to clear up confusion on how to rate the quality of a series or movie, but the company probably had other reasons — like user sabotage. Trolls would purposefully “review bomb” a show title with hopes of bringing its ratings down.

What do the yellow stars mean on Netflix? ›

When a user mouses over the stars, the stars to the left of the cursor turn yellow to symbolize ratings by that individual user (Fig. 2). The user can click on one of the stars to indicate their rating, and the system afterward always shows them their own ratings for that particular movie, in yellow stars.

What should I watch right now 2022? ›

2022 TV shows

Lord of the Rings, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Paper Girls, Andor, She-Hulk, Halo, The Sandman, Ms. Marvel and more make their debut, while Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, The Boys, Westworld and Bridgerton return.

Which is the top 10 series in the world? ›

The 10 Best TV Series of All Time (at a glance)
  1. BREAKING BAD. Average Rating: 9.7/10.
  2. PLANET EARTH. Average Rating: 9.5/10.
  3. THE BLUE PLANET. Average Rating: 9.5/10.
  4. THE SOPRANOS. Average Rating: 9.3/10.
  5. THE WIRE. Average Rating: 9.3/10.
  6. BETTER CALL SAUL. Average Rating: 9.1/10.
  7. RICK AND MORTY. Average Rating: 9.1/10.
10 Aug 2022

What should I watch on Netflix September 2022? ›

In this article, I'll go through each one of them.
  • Collateral. Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers. ...
  • End of the Road. Netflix. ...
  • This is 40. Universal Pictures. ...
  • Love in the Villa. Netflix. ...
  • Resident Evil. Sony Pictures Entertainment. ...
  • A Clockwork Orange. Warner Bros. ...
  • If Beale Street Could Talk. Rotten Tomatoes Trailers. ...
  • A Little Princess.
10 Sept 2022

Which country has the best Netflix? ›

In 2021, Japan received the best Netflix catalog score of “100,” which is the highest a streaming service can receive. Its IMDB score that year reached 86,961.

What to watch on Netflix series? ›


What's good on streaming right now? ›

  • The Good Nurse (2022) new. 65 % 7.2/10. r 121m. ...
  • The School for Good and Evil (2022) new. 29 % pg-13 146m. ...
  • Missing Link (2019) 68 % 6.7/10. ...
  • Call Me by Your Name (2017) 93 % 7.8/10. ...
  • Blonde (2022) 60 % 6.3/10. ...
  • The French Dispatch (2021) new. 74 % 7.2/10. ...
  • Crimes of the Future (2022) new. 67 % 5.9/10. ...
  • Rosaline (2022) 62 % 6.4/10.

What's No 1 on Netflix UK? ›

Top 10 By Country
  • The School for Good and Evil. #1 this week. Watch now. ...
  • The Curse of Bridge Hollow. #2 this week. Watch now. ...
  • Sing. #3 this week. Watch now. ...
  • Luckiest Girl Alive. #4 this week. Watch now. ...
  • The Stranger. #5 this week. Watch now. ...
  • Blackout. #6 this week. ...
  • Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. #7 this week. ...
  • Mr. Harrigan's Phone.

What is coming to Netflix november 2022? ›

Netflix has a bounty of new arrivals coming in November, including a new season of "The Crown," an "Addams Family" spinoff and a new suspense series from the makers of "Dark."

What is coming to Amazon Prime in September 2022? ›

September will also bring plenty of 2022 films including Michael Bay's Ambulance, Firestarter, Dog, Memory, and The Outfit.

Are there any new series on Netflix? ›

New Releases
  • All Quiet on the Western Front.
  • The Good Nurse.
  • Big Mouth.
  • Dubai Bling.
  • Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities.
  • Family Reunion.
  • Wendell & Wild.

What is coming out on Netflix March 2022? ›

Read on for the complete list of titles coming to Netflix this March.
  • March 1. Battleship. ...
  • March 2. Against The Ice. ...
  • March 3. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: Season 2. ...
  • March 4. The Invisible Thread. ...
  • March 5. Beirut.
  • March 7. Good Girls: Season 4.
  • March 8. An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts: Season 2. ...
  • March 9.
5 Mar 2022

What is coming to Netflix in April 2022? ›

Top 20 Most Popular Shows on Netflix in April 2022
  • Bridgerton (18764 points)
  • Anatomy of a Scandal (9484 points)
  • Elite (9284 points)
  • Business Proposal (8059 points)
  • The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (7033 points)
  • The Marked Heart (6374 points)
  • Inventing Anna (4288 points)
  • Twenty Five Twenty One (4270 points)
1 May 2022

What is coming to Netflix in February 2022? ›

Full List of What's Coming to Netflix in February 2022
  • Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (Season 1) N – Final episodes on February 5th & 6th.
  • Men on a Mission (2021 Season) N – New episodes Mondays.
  • The Gentlemen's League 2 N – New episodes Sundays.
20 Feb 2022

Whats coming to Netflix May 2022? ›

Here are the Netflix originals coming in May 2022
  • Available May 2. Octonauts: Above & Beyond: Season 2.
  • Available May 3. Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive.
  • Available May 4. 40 Years Young. ...
  • Available May 5. Blood Sisters. ...
  • Available May 6. Along for the Ride. ...
  • Available May 8. Christina P: Mom Genes.
  • Available May 9. ...
  • Available May 10.
28 Apr 2022

What should I watch on TV March 2022? ›

Best TV Shows of March, 2022
  • 'American Auto' NBC. Photo: Greg Gayne/NBC. ...
  • 'The Gilded Age' HBO. Photo: HBO. ...
  • 'Winning Time' HBO. Photo: HBO. ...
  • 'Pachinko' Apple TV+ Photo: Apple TV+ ...
  • 'Atlanta' FX. Photo: Coco Olakunle/FX. ...
  • 'The Dropout' Hulu. Photo: Hulu. ...
  • 'Our Flag Means Death' HBO Max. Photo: HBO Max. ...
  • 'Minx' HBO Max. Photo: HBO Max.
31 Mar 2022

What movies are on demand right now? ›

Here are the 25 Best Movies on Demand:
  • Top Gun: Maverick. Available on: Amazon, DirecTV, Fios/Verizon, Google Play, Spectrum. ...
  • Parallel Mothers. Available on: Amazon, DirecTV, Fios/Verizon, Spectrum. ...
  • Nomadland. ...
  • Pig. ...
  • The Paper Tigers. ...
  • Sator. ...
  • The French Dispatch. ...
  • The Last Duel.
3 Oct 2022

What are the top 10 movies to see right now? ›

30 Most Popular Movies Right Now
  • #1. Black Adam (2022) 40% 91% #1. ...
  • #2. Halloween Ends (2022) 41% 39% #2. ...
  • #3. The Banshees of Inisherin (2022) 97% 84% #3. ...
  • #4. Ticket to Paradise (2022) 56% 83% #4. ...
  • #5. The Stranger (2022) 94% 63% ...
  • #6. The School for Good and Evil (2022) 38% 68% ...
  • #7. Terrifier 2 (2022) 87% 80% ...
  • #8. Smile (2022) 79% 75%

What is the top 10 on Netflix UK? ›

Top 10 By Country
  • The School for Good and Evil. #1 this week. Watch now. ...
  • The Curse of Bridge Hollow. #2 this week. Watch now. ...
  • Sing. #3 this week. Watch now. ...
  • Luckiest Girl Alive. #4 this week. Watch now. ...
  • The Stranger. #5 this week. Watch now. ...
  • Blackout. #6 this week. ...
  • Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween. #7 this week. ...
  • Mr. Harrigan's Phone.

What should I stream right now? ›

  • Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities (2022) new. Trailer. 74 % ...
  • Big Mouth (2017) new. Trailer. 86 % ...
  • Deadwind (2018) 7.3/10. ...
  • My Encounter With Evil (2022) Genre Docuseries, Horror. ...
  • If Only (2022) 1 Season. ...
  • I Am A Stalker (2022) Trailer. ...
  • Romantic Killer (2022) Trailer. ...
  • Family Reunion (2019) new. Trailer.
2 days ago

Is there anything good on Netflix? ›

Popular on NetflixExplore more
  • Breaking Bad.
  • Stranger Things.
  • The Walking Dead.
  • Manifest.
  • Lost in Space.
  • The Last Kingdom.
  • Dynasty.
  • Virgin River.

What new movies have come out recently? ›

Now Playing
  • Black Adam (2022)
  • Ticket to Paradise (2022)
  • Prey for the Devil (2022)
  • Smile (2022)
  • Halloween Ends (2022)
  • Till (2022)
  • Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile (2022)
  • Terrifier 2 (2022)

Which movie has 10 10 rating? ›

10/10 The Matrix (1999) - 8.7

1.8 million users have rated the movie, but not everyone was into all the leather and wearing shades indoors.

What is No 1 Best Movie? ›

Best movies of all time
  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) Film. Science fiction. ...
  2. The Godfather (1972) Film. Thrillers. ...
  3. Citizen Kane (1941) Film. ...
  4. Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce, 1080 Bruxelles (1975) Film. ...
  5. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) Film. ...
  6. La Dolce Vita (1960) Film. ...
  7. Seven Samurai (1954) Film. ...
  8. In the Mood for Love (2000) Film.
20 Sept 2022

What movie has a 100% rating? ›

A number of these films also appear on the AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies lists, but there are many others and several entries with dozens of positive reviews, which are considered surprising to some experts. To date, Leave No Trace holds the site's record, with a rating of 100% and 251 positive reviews.

What's hot on Netflix UK? ›

Critically Acclaimed TV Shows
  • The Crown.
  • Lucifer.
  • Stranger Things.
  • Rick and Morty.
  • Peaky Blinders.
  • Sex Education.
  • Big Mouth.
  • Friends.

What's on Netflix at the moment? ›

Popular on NetflixExplore more
  • Sing.
  • The Boss Baby.
  • Minions & More Volume 1.
  • The Sea Beast.
  • The Croods: A New Age.
  • Shrek.
  • The Good Nurse.
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run.

What family should I watch on Netflix? ›

Watch With the Family
  • Sing 2.
  • Despicable Me 2.
  • Minions & More Volume 1.
  • Despicable Me.
  • Home.
  • Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat.
  • The Sea Beast.
  • Megamind.

What should I watch right now 2022? ›

2022 TV shows

Lord of the Rings, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Paper Girls, Andor, She-Hulk, Halo, The Sandman, Ms. Marvel and more make their debut, while Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, The Boys, Westworld and Bridgerton return.

Are there any new series on Netflix? ›

New Releases
  • All Quiet on the Western Front.
  • The Good Nurse.
  • Big Mouth.
  • Dubai Bling.
  • Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities.
  • Family Reunion.
  • Wendell & Wild.

What is new to streaming this week? ›

Editor's note: We'll be updating this list of the best movies to stream weekly as new titles are added or removed.
  • The Good Nurse (2022) ...
  • All Quiet on the Western Front (2022) ...
  • Resurrection (2022) ...
  • Run Sweetheart Run (2022) ...
  • Wendell & Wild (2022) ...
  • Mr. Harrigan's Phone (2022) ...
  • Catherine Called Birdy (2022) ...
  • Hellraiser (2022)
3 days ago


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